kate 3_d book copy“If you, like me, are the parent of a child with autism, Autistic Logistics is an absolute must-read. No matter what therapy you’re doing with your child, this book will transform your entire home experience. Trying to toilet-train your child? Want to help your child move beyond meltdowns? Looking for your child to get dressed – and stay dressed? The step-by-step instructions in Autistic Logistics will help you make it happen – much more quickly than you’d expect! What’s more, it will show you how to surmount day-to-day challenges in a way that goes with your child, not against your child. Kate Wilde, who has personally worked with my son, really gets it. She knows all of our challenges, and her fantastic book helps us to overcome them.”

Kristin Selby Gonzalez
President, Autism Hope Alliance (AHA)


“I am a pediatrician who works with children who have autism. I am also the mother of a child with autism who lived through many of the situations described in Kate’s book. I speak from the most authentic place I can find when I say that this book is GOLD!!! Sometimes the day to day things can seem very hard when living with and loving our children. Sometimes you just need some very practical advice on what to do. Kate Wilde has written the bible for that advice. She has years of experience and has dealt with every issue in this book thousands of times. She absolutely knows what will work and shares all of that information in this book. You don’t have to wade through a bunch of theories and statistics. This book is just clear, kind and thoughtful advice written by someone who deeply loves and cares about our children first and foremost. Treat yourself – you will not be disappointed. Autistic Logistics is a gift.”

Dr. Wendy Edwards


“I have worked with Kate Wilde for over 15 years, and I can tell you, this woman knows what she’s talking about. The most outlandish challenge you’ve had with your child…she’s probably tackled it a hundred times. And that’s why I’m so excited that she’s written such an incredibly useful book for parents. Autistic Logistics is just outstanding! It’s a treasure trove of extremely practical techniques to enable your child to triumph over the everyday obstacles that no one else is truly helping you to deal with. And it shows you how to do this in a way that is honoring and respectful of your child. As someone who has worked with thousands of families with children on the spectrum – and overcome autism myself – I can tell you that this book will be a game-changer for you and your family.”

Raun K. Kaufman
Author, Autism Breakthrough
Director of Global Education, Autism Treatment Center of America®


“It seems that lately I have been finding a lot of great book resources.  This one is a real gem.  I wish it had been around years ago when Pookie was first diagnosed.
Autistic Logistics is a new book set to be released in January, 2015.. The author is a Director of The Son-Rise Program. The ideas she presents in this book are based upon The Son-Rise Program methods.
As the parent of an autistic child, I can attest to the difficulty parents can have in teaching the basics of self-care to these precious children. Developmental skills, such as toilet training, can be a very difficult thing to help your child accomplish. Self-regulating their emotions to curb meltdowns and tantrums is another tough lesson to help the children learn. This book gives solid advice and examples of how to tackle the most basic of issues that parents of autistic children face.
Here is a summary of the book that was provided on Amazon,
“Have you ever wished that your child with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) came with a manual? This book provides just that, offering clear, precise, step-by-step advice on everything you want to know, including:
– How to toilet train your child without pushing or pressuring
– How to get your child to sleep in their own bed and through the night
– What to do when your child tantrums, hits or bites
– How to introduce new foods, without a fight
Based on decades of experience, Kate Wilde tackles these day-to-day issues and more, using tried-and-tested techniques to help you transform the challenges of home life and create harmony. The unique approach featured in the book, which encourages you to support your child’s need for control rather than fight against it, can have transformative results. Not only will you learn to see through your child’s eyes and help your child in a way that honors his/her specialness, but you will also begin to free yourself from the pressure and discomfort that can so often accompany everyday challenges.
Catering to all age ranges and points on the spectrum, this book will be of immeasurable value to parents and caregivers of children with autism, other family members, as well as teachers and teaching assistants.”
As I read through the book, I thought of just how timely it was for it to come to my notice at this time. Our own child is reaching that age when toilet training is being addressed. Using this one area as an example, let me say that this book has the most useful and detailed information that I have ever read. Ms. Wilde starts off by taking a look at popular attitudes towards toilet training that are actually making the process harder. She then breaks down the reasons why some accepted methods do not work very well. One case in point being to place the child on the toilet every 30 or 60 minutes. The problem with that is you often have a child soil or wet their diaper in between trips to the toilet. This can become a frustration to both parent and child.
What she suggests is something that just makes sense. Keeping a diary of the times your child eats, drinks, and soils/wets their diapers. Start noting the time intervals and once you see a pattern, you can get the child to sit on the toilet prior to when they would normally go in their diapers. She goes further into the exact process, but it is a very good method to try out. It makes far more sense to me. Most people have a set routine, a body time clock. For some, they always have to go to the toilet 30 minutes after a meal. Going on that theory, if your child has a routine, you can get them to the toilet before that set time arrives. This greatly increases their chances for success in the toileting.
There are many other areas of development which are addressed in the book. Each are ones that we face often as parents of autistic children. While the child’s therapists can offer advice, the parents really need solid guidance at home as well. This is where the book comes in. The clear presentation of ideas is done in such a way that it is easy to implement in the home.
I strongly recommend this book to anyone who is a parent or caregiver of a person with autism. It is a book that I wish had been around when our son was first diagnosed.”



Highly recommended. Very interesting book. Very clear and useful guidelines when dealing with lots of very common issues when working with autistic children. I have used the advice given in this book personally with children I work with and it works 100%.

Mb Tuset Lopez


“Talk about a must have! I bought copies for my children’s tutors as well so that we can discuss the principles in this book. This book not only teaches you how to work with your child on the spectrum, it helps you as the caregiver get comfortable with your child’s behaviors in order to help them. I love how she teaches that if you can come from a place of comfort when helping your child through challenges, then we are helping them so much more. If you have or work with an individual on the autism spectrum and want to work with them with more ease, then this is the book for you!!!!!!”



“A must read for any parent with an autistic child!!!! No jargon, practical and a beautiful easy read. Once you start you can’t put down! Kate bases all her advice on the son-rise principles. I am a son-rise mum and use every opportunity to learn more techniques and ideas to help my son. Wonderful wonderful book! Get it!”

Melissa Kambourakis


“Using guidelines from this book my grandson was potty trained within 4 weeks going without any accidents.”



“The most powerful aspect of this book is the engaging companionship offered by author Kate Wilde as she takes readers into the nitty gritty of daily life with a child on the autism spectrum. No longer alone, as so many parents report they feel as they struggle to bring up a special child, the reader is joined in warm conversation by a wise and experienced teacher, who is also humorous and creative; someone who has been studying and working in a hands on way with children and teenagers for over twenty years. The book is rich in examples of children and parents whose lives are transformed through their commitment to deep listening, questioning attitudes and openhearted acceptance, and to trying something new! This book shows how change might be accomplished. There are numerous practical ‘try this’ exercises and suggestions for everyday problems, all based on lived experience.
Research into what supports therapeutic change indicates that it is the quality of relationship that allows someone to lessen their learned defenses, take new risks and grow. Meeting someone with fears as intense as the autistic defenses requires determination and courage and belief in the possibility for transformation. I am struck by the book’s attention to nurturing the basic human capacity for playfulness, for unconditional friendliness and love, all of which are available to all of us, at all times.”

Elizabeth McCormick, psychotherapist; author: Change For The Better


Autistic Logistics is excellent and gives totally practical advice to help anyone who works or loves a child (or adult) on the autistic spectrum. It’s a book you’ll want to keep somewhere near so that you can refer to it whenever you feel yourself finding life a bit too interesting! It’s easy to read and you will have many lightbulb moments of ‘of course, why didn’t I think of that?’ I have two boys who have autism and this deals with their very different challenges. You won’t be disappointed if you buy this book. It’s one to give to members of your wider family so you can all get on board and help make life run more smoothly.

—  N J Goodbrand


“I love Wilde’s book. As a facilitator of parenting classes, and a mom of a 7 year old boy on the spectrum, I feel like I found such a great treasure. She has very specific solutions on Toilet Training that I wish I would have had early on. As well, I found myself getting very clear on the boundaries that really matter versus the ones that were not that important. And the best part is that everything is done loving and respectfully. Thank you for writing this book! It was needed.

If you have not heard of the The Son-Rise Program check it out. Kate Wilde is the director there and the program was life changing! If you have a child on the spectrum (high or low functioning) it has amazing results, and best of all, it feels good for parent and child.”

— Julianne B.


“We witnessed great changes and he has been sleeping well since then.
The book is very practical and straight forward. My son had a problem sleeping early, so we tried the techniques in the book. After only three nights, we witnessed great changes and he has been sleeping well since then. I recommend all parents with autistic children to get the book.”



“This book was a miracle! I have a 2 1/2 year old son who would run around pulling my hair and hitting for 1 1/2 to 3 hours every evening at bedtime! Then I read Autistic Logistics by Kate Wilde, and now bedtime at 7 pm with my son is peaceful, and it only takes him 5 to 15 minutes to go to sleep! My son’s grandfather and I were in shock and amazed at how simple it was and how quickly it worked! I am truly grateful that this book was written, and I think it is a must have book for any parent!”

Kelley Martin


“Brilliant book,very straight to the point for dealing with an autistic child on a daily basis with the common issues of eating, toileting, behaviour and the other silly but everyday things us special mummy’s and daddy’s have to deal with day in day out! Really makes you think about how you act towards your autistic child,and what you can do to help you and your child progress! Cannot recommend this book enough, really feels like the author gets what us parents go through on a daily basis! Worth buying!”

— Ms. Charlotte K. Lincoln


“Kate Wilde’s book, “Autistic Logistics”, is an excellent resource! As soon as I began reading it, I could not put it down. I read it in one day. Wilde gives solutions to the most common challenges parents, teachers, and professionals face when dealing with someone with autism. She not only gives techniques to utilize but also gives situations she has faced in her career working with autistic children and adults. I have an autistic child and know first hand that many times ‘we just don’t know what to do.’ This book ‘enlightened’ me on what to do!”

— Nayari E Blanco 


Recommends This Book Strongly
An absolutely brilliant survival guide for parents and caregivers who care for and/or work with individuals on the spectrum!

The information contained in this book was practical, functional and life-ready. The language was easy to follow, and the stories and examples were easy to relate to. As a therapist, I appreciated the simple task analysis associated with the areas of challenge. I think this book will be received extremely well and that many will benefit from the information provided.

— Kim Teamer


“This is such a useful book! I was having problems getting my daughter to sleep throughout the night and going to sleep by herself. She would wake up at 3am and only go back to bed at 6am. We also had to spend at least 1 hr every night to put her to bed.

After reading this book and practicing the strategies suggested, my daughter can now go to sleep by herself and seldom wakes up in the middle of the night.

I also find the chapter on handling tantrums really useful. I used to be so frustrated with my daughter’s crying but now I can handle her meltdowns so much more effectively and calmly. Every parent should get a copy of this book.”

— Mei Yannon