About the Book

kate 3_d book copyThis is a book that answers all the parenting questions that you have always wanted answered. To help you understand, and guide you through the everyday experience of parenting your very different child. A step-by-step guide packed full of easy to understand techniques that you can immediately put into practice with your child.

Parents and caregivers will learn:

  • How to toilet train their child without pushing or pressure
  • Introduce new foods without a fight
  • Help their child sleep through the night and in their own bed
  • What to do when their child, tantrums, hits and bites
  • What to do when their child cries continually for hours on end without apparent cause.
  • How to introduce tooth brushing, hair cutting, getting dressed in such a way that your child will want and enjoy the activity

This book is not just about getting your child to do these everyday activities; it is about inspiring your child to want to do the skills outlined in the book. It helps you understand your child’s experience and how giving your child the control they crave and harnessing their own unique motivations will have your child running into the bathroom to get their teeth cleaned or sit on the potty.